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Success Will Come Easy After These Hard Steps

Today’s 11km random jogging thought – Success is very easy to achieve, if you can take a few very hard steps.

1. Just pick one thing – It’s not easy because many new initiatives and things are very tempting.

2. Work very hard at the one thing – It’s not easy because most people are allergic to honest and hard work. We prefer cutting corners, cutting deals and getting favors.

3. Be consistent at the one thing – This is the hardest. It means doing it because you committed, it doesn’t matter whether you feel like it or not. It’s the one thing you chose, do it or quit.

If you can make these 3 hard steps, you are home and dry.

Until the next jog, stay safe, sanitize and dial *809# to invest and withdraw anytime, 24 / 7.

Edwin H. Dande



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