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Seven Steps To Overcoming Hardship


A follower asked me how I go about overcoming hardship. I have never had a formula, but the question forced me to tease out a few things I usually do.

1. Focus on your mental health.

We are human, when we encounter hardship we are likely to be knocked off our emotional balance. It’s important to be aware of and attend to our mental and emotional health because as they say, battles are won or lost in the mind. 


2. Accept the realities of the hardship you are dealing with.

For example, accept that you have lost your job, your loved one, your business or your relationship. Or you have been diagnosed with an illness. Or been accused of things you have not done. Whatever your hardship, accept that it has happened. 

3. Consider your realistic options.

What can you do about it? Make decisions quickly. Some decisions may be ugly, like changing careers, ending a relationship, downsizing lifestyle, etc. Consider options, develop a Recovery Plan and execute. 


4. Don’t count on help as your principal strategy.

There are people out there who may be able to help you, but don’t count on them mmas your principal strategy. As they say, 80% of people don’t care about your problems and 20% are happy you have them. So, own the problem. If help comes …great, if not then you march on. 

5. Find the silver lining in your hardships, no matter how bad.

Try to find a lesson in hardship. One of my hardest moments is when my former boss cooked up accusations of theft of billions of shillings. At first, I felt helpless but then I told myself that this was a great opportunity to get to know how the criminal justice system and the courts work. I have learnt a lot. If you look hard enough, there is always a learning opportunity – seize it!

6. Keep in mind that no hardship lasts forever.

Things are never as bad as they seem and they are never as good as they look. It gets better every day. The key is to consistently work on your Recovery Plan. Before you know it, you are out of the hardship or you’ve learned to live and thrive within your hardship. 


7. Never give in to your hardship.
Battle on, however long it takes. Hope that you will be out of it sooner, but be prepared for the long haul. Do not give up, ever!


This is how I confront my hardships, hope you learn something about it. 

Edwin H. Dande


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