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Ngatia Never Had The Character to be CJ; Let koome Be!

Ngatia vs Koome
I was happy to see Justice Koome nominated as CJ, but i was even happier that Ngatia did not succeed, it would have been a judicial travesty.
If you are a tendeprenuer, the connected, the establishment, the dynasty, or the cartels, you can go about your business and not give a hoot about the judiciary. But if you are an entrepreneur with no connections, courts are crucial for adjudication of disputes, hence an independent judiciary becomes important. I watched every single interview because i was keen to see, as a citizen, if the process appeared open, transparent and fair; for me it was.
Ngatia’s claim that he was rigged out is a bunch of hogwash from an entitled male sore loser. Save for her midnight ruling, and no one is perfect, Justice Koome exemplified everything a Kenyan would want in a CJ …brilliant, eloquent, a history of struggle against establishment, standing with the disadvantaged, self made, character… she is totally qualified and even the ordinary mwananchi put her way ahead.
Ngatia may be very eloquent, articulate, and very brilliant, just like most conmen are, but based on my one encounter, i don’t think he has the character to be a CJ, and that is an essential ingredient. In 2014, I left Britam to form Cytonn and they claimed that a forensic audit report done by KPMG had disclosed theft of billions of shillings… their lawyer was Ngatia. I am not a lawyer, obviously, but I understand a lawyer has to represent their client to their very best. However, I doubt that the profession allows for outright fabrication of evidence and fixing cases. There was no KPMG report, none! But somehow Ngatia under the direction CEO Wairegi managed to get the then DCI to attempt to file a criminal charge on the basis of an imaginary forensic report.
To defend ourselves we filed a constitutional petition compelling Britam to release the forensic audit for the public to see, and the judgement is here for all to read:
The judge ordered: “An order is hereby issued compelling the respondents to provide the petitioners with… The forensic audit conducted by KPMG on the books of BAAM as mentioned in paragraph 5 of Ms Carol Akinyi Ouko-Misiko’s witness statement sworn on 27th October 2014 and filed in HCCC No 354 of 2014;”
As we speak, Britam remains in contempt of court orders. Not only was this case fixed based on imaginary evidence, but he seems to have a penchant for clients like Britam who disregard court orders. Such a person should never be a Chief Justice. Thank you JSC for running a fair and credible process… the judiciary remains our Republic’s best and last hope. And Congrats Madam CJ.
Edwin H. Dande



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