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How Did Your Employer Treat You When You Left?

Random question.

How did your employer treat you when you left? 

Employers and team members should be happy for their team members and support them when they decide to move on. 


I had the privilege of starting my career in the developed world. For the few times I changed jobs, I’d inform my employer and colleagues that I had resigned and would be joining such and such a company. They would then wish me well and be happy for me. That was the culture – You do your best work while around and when it was time to leave, people would be happy for you. 

Then I came to my motherland. People don’t mention where they are going. I once asked why it was so. The answer I got was mostly that people are afraid their current employer would try and antagonize their next move. I find that backward and third world.


We should be happy for people when they leave and support them. Of course unless, they are bad leavers. 


Today I joined a team in thanking the departing members for their service and wishing them well. Nobody comes to stay forever. Support people when it’s their time to move on.

Edwin H. Dande



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