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Approach Your Pursuits Like A Run

Random Monday Thought – Approach your pursuits like a run.

I like running because it teaches you how to handle many pursuits in life. The starting point is usually crowded. Folks are happy, bubbly and excited. As you start, the run seems easy and you are moving quickly. 

But as you get further into the run, challenges set in – fatigue, muscle aches, you are gasping for air, you slow down or you start walking and in some cases you just give up. It’s at this very point when segmentation begins. 

How you handle the challenges separates the winners from the losers and the average. The losers quit the run at some point. The averages stop running and start walking. The winners have trained, they have mastered the terrain, they know how to vary their pace until they finish. 

Whatever the pursuit, whether career, litigation, weight loss, e.t.c approach it like a run. Train, prepare, master the landscape, pace yourself, and you will arrive at the finish line way ahead of the crowd.

Edwin H. Dande



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